Saturday, December 11, 2010


Standing on the edge of the bridge Stacy’s stomach turned in knots looking down into the dark waters far below her. She stood there feeling so cold and alone. Her mind raced over her life and all the disappointments she has suffered through her life. The long list of failures where she has let down the ones she love’s so much. The trail of her tears streamed down her face as she contemplated the worth of her life.

She stood there at the railing trying to raise her courage to climb over the railing and plung her life into the abyss of nothingness. Where she would no longer have to hurt and the pain would go away. This way she would no longer be a disappointment to her family and they would not longer have to worry about how she was going to mess up their wonderful lives. They would be better off without her in their lives.

Looking around making sure she was alone on the bridge because if someone was to stop her she would lose her nerve and not jump. Her heart started to quicken her mouth went dry she felt like she was going to suffocate willing herself to pull herself up on to the railing and swing her legs over. Her heart jumped into her throat as she looked down into the dark nothingness. Her head swam with vertigo as she took a deep breath and closed her eyes and let go of the railing and she could feel the adrenaline rush through her body as she started to fall through the air.

Feeling the warm wind rush past her face she prayed for the landing to come quick and the pain would be over quickly. As she fell she envisioned her body floating down the river where it would be found by someone. Who would then call the emergency people who would come and pronouncer her dead. Then her family would be told about how her body was found in the river. By that time they will have found her note she had hidden in her desk describing how she was going to take her life and they would no longer have to worry about her being a disappointment.

She could picture her own funeral in her mind yes, they would be sorry she was no longer there. They would realize how important she was to them. She hopped they would feel just a portion of the pain she now felt as she plummeted to her certain death. They would all finely realize how much they had hurt her. They would understand the pain she has been feeling inside. It would soon all be over once she hit the river.

Wondering why it was taking so long for her to finally hit the water she opened her eyes to see where she was at and why she had not hit the water. When her eyes opened she realized she had only fallen a foot. She looked up at the railing and her heart skipped a beat as she saw two figures standing at the railing.

Stacy not comprehending what she had seen realized she did not want to die. She screamed in terror as she watched her life pass before her eyes and all she seen was the good people who had stood beside her and helped her in life. She understood she was not the failure she felt that she was but also comprehend it was too late to stop. She now just wishes it would be quick and painless and that the ones who loved her would forgive her for this selfish act. The impact of the water brought her to reality as the pain ripped through her body as she felt her bones crunch under the impact. The pain was so excruciating she had one last thought before everything went dark “its not suppose to hurt this bad.”

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